The Cayman is my Porsche. I don’t care much for drop-tops, so while I acknowledge the Boxster’s strengths, I’m comfortable enough with passing one by. I’m not Steve Sutcliffe, so I never feel entirely certain that a 911 isn’t on the verge of biting me on the backside on a wet roundabout. And the Cayenne, er, well…

Truth is, my Porsche soft spot has always been with the boggo Cayman, the 2.7-litre model with a five-speed gearbox. It never felt stupidly fast, but its performance was enough for plenty of enjoyment on a quiet country road, and the sublime chassis always felt like it was on my side. It’s the sort of car in which an uncouth leadfoot can get away with fundamental errors, in other words.

So I was eager to grab the keys to the new basic Cayman – now 2.9 litres and with a six-speed gearbox – to see how Porsche has progressed my pick of its range.

First impressions were good. The driving position is as sorted as before. The steering has retained its lovely linearity. The gearbox has an extra ratio, but it’s every bit as slick as the old five-speed unit. It doesn’t feel any quicker than before in real-world terms, but it seems to have kept its smooth power delivery.