For reasons that should be apparent on this website, I had to travel up to Vauxhall’s UK centre of operations in Luton recently. It was my first time visiting Griffin House, and as I stood in reception, I was joined by a couple of out-of-uniform police officers.

Were they CID, I wondered? Was Vauxhall being investigated for dubious accounting during these troubled economic times? Erm, no. The much less juicy truth is that these bobbies were going into a training course on the merits of the new Insignia Sports Tourer.

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Evidently Her Majesty’s Police will be taking delivery of a few of the new Vauxhalls in the next few months. Insignia wagons are set to become as familiar a sight on our motorways as police Vectras once were, one of them told me.

I’ll be interested to know what your average PC thinks about GM’s 2009 Car of the Year. The Tourer in particular isn’t quite as roomy as the Vectra Estate was – at least it isn’t with the seats down – and there isn’t quite as much room for long-legged felons in the back. But it’s certainly a nicer working environment from which to mete out the rule of law.