Hark: the sound of change is afoot.

What has been standard in That London for many, many years might soon be coming to the provinces, introducing a new method of thinking to our towns and villages. No, not ‘being allowed into nightclubs wearing trainers’ or ‘the chance to eat out after 9.30pm’, but something rather more mundane. Something, I might say, rather more ominous.

I give you Rule 244 of the Highway Code. You remember that one. It’s a classic. “You must not park partially or wholly on the pavement in London,” it reads, “and should not do so elsewhere unless signs permit it.”

It’s the “should not do so elsewhere” part of things that could be changing. “Should not” means that it isn’t technically illegal to stick two wheels on a pavement, so you can, though if you’re causing an obstruction, you can get a parking ticket for it. So use your nous.

This is fairly standard, sensible-sounding stuff, right?

Perhaps not. The Department for Transport is considering whether to roll out a ‘must not’ pavement parking rule for the entire country, except on roads where local authorities issue a specific exemption.