What’s you favourite road? I’ve always longed to have a strip of road that I could take my favourite cars to and really have a blast without getting caught behind some farm machinery or a ten-year-old Nissan Micra.

Last night, I was entrusted with the keys for our long term Renaultsport Twingo 133 Cup for the evening and I set about on a quest to find a stretch of road I would want to return to again and again.

First up, it’s worth pointing out how fantastic the Twingo is. For someone of my age, I think this is all the car you could ever need. It’s powerful, but, crucially, you always feel in control.

I’m not the most experienced driver so having 131bhp going through the front wheels is enough for me to manage and stay on top of without worrying about parking it in a ditch. You never feel like the Twingo is going to bite back and do its own thing – you always feel in control and can feel what the car is doing and responding to your inputs.

And I doubt there would be too many 20-year-olds bothered about a firm ride when in return you get one of most attractive and fun-to-drive pocket-sized hot hatches on-sale.