The Renault Zoe is now so much a part of our life that it’s hard to look back without some kind of regret that we didn’t buy it sooner.

Tempted by the low lease prices (£75 deposit, plus £150 a month for car and battery thereafter over two years when we signed up), reduced running costs and its suitability for commuting around London, we’ve now come to discover myriad additional and unexpected reasons for loving Zoe life.

Like all electric cars, it’s great to drive, smooth, silent and relaxing at all times, but with the joy of serious torque when you need it. In traffic especially, the smoothness and on-demand go are a real boon.

It’s compact, too. That sounds obvious, but the benefits are worth dwelling on. It’s a breeze to place the Zoe on the road and in no way daunting to park. These things count when you travel around congested parts of London.