They’re doing things a bit differently at Zenos Cars when it comes to the people who matter most – their buying customers.

And what happens when you an express an interest in one of ex-Caterham boss Ansar Ali’s new cars is this; first, you get invited to the factory in Norfolk to have a look behind the scenes. 

Then, if you are serious in your interest, you get invited to drive the car on the road and be a passenger in it at a private test track session. 

And then, as Ali is rapidly beginning to discover, you find that you can’t quite resist what you have sampled, and so you write out a cheque for a deposit there and then.

So far almost 100 people have been smitten enough to sign up, and having driven the car myself earlier this week, I can totally understand why. 

The E10 has a modern simplicity to it that is sorely missing from too many small British sports cars at the moment. It feels so fundamentally well resolved that it could easily come from a far more mature and established car company. 

In many ways it’s the car the Lotus Elise should have developed into over the years, but didn’t.