There's a boring inevitability to the launch of every new Mini. That inevitability being that it will come with a background of naysayers muttering about its size, or how it's lost its way or somesuch.

Indeed, you still see the odd window sticker in a classic Mini berating the original BMW incarnation.

You may not like any of the latest Minis but to say they're not in keeping with Issigonis's original is to massively miss the point. The fact is that Mini became a brand, rather than a car a long time ago. No they're not 'mini' any longer but nor have any other long-running nameplates stuck to their original dimensions.

Five-door Mini hatchback – full story and exclusive studio pictures.

In light of this, the new five-door version is rather a pleasing addition to the range. Rather a pleasing addition to many would-be buyers too I'd imagine (the company anticipates outselling the three-door by three to one).

BMW hasn't got everything right with the Mini but the latest Mk3 is a cracker and likely to be even more of a global success story. Stay stuck in the past and you don't have a hope of doing that.