If you had to guess what a limited-run McLaren Sports Series model finale would be like, would this be it? I think it might.

We've driven the 600LT at Goodwood. Here's what we thought

Power is up, weight is down, although by margins that surprised me. Who’d have thought there was 96kg you could fairly easily dispatch from the 570S?

McLaren 600LT is faster than Ferrari 488 GTB, plus exclusive pictures

What I’m particularly interested in is what the suspension is like. Sports Series cars get more conventional coil-sprung suspension than the hydraulically linked Super Series cars, so it’ll be intriguing to see how the 600LT rides. Will it be harsh? No McLaren, even the Senna, has been so far, so I wonder what the character will be like; how far it’ll be removed from the regular 570S.

And that’s the biggie, as I see it: it’s called LT, after all. Given the fact that the 675 and F1 have been the only recipients of the Longtail name so far, and that they’re both fairly senior pieces of machinery, this needs to be seriously good to justify it. 

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