Having bought a few used cars recently, it’s always interesting to see what the previous owner has left behind. 

Recently, I found a whole bunch of random CDs that way. It’s likely to become a more common occurrence too, I think, as people increasingly use their iPods and forget about the small polycarbonate discs scattered in forgotten places in their cars. I got all of Elvis’ no.1 singles that way.

I’ve also turned up some small change in the past. The Rover Sterling I de-cluttered six years ago turned up a staggering amount of minor denomination coinage – plus an immense amount of dirt. 

I also know of someone who found what could only be described as money obtained probably by menace and stashed in a hidey hole behind some trim in an old Audi. He was either very fortunate, or will have to spend the rest of his days looking over his shoulder.

Such cleaning has also turned up a spare key to Shed 7, which is useful and could be a selling point one day.

Among the worst things left in cars I’ve bought was the remains of motorway sandwich, which had been crushed flat under the rear folding seats of a Volvo V70