The Suzuki Ignis isn’t the fastest car I’ve driven this year, or the most dynamically capable. It isn’t even the comfiest. In fact, I’m beginning to wonder why I’ve chosen it as one of my favourite cars of 2016 - ah yes, of course, that’s because it’s a (very) small SUV I can actually get onboard with.

You see, I don’t really like small SUVs. Compared with their family hatch counterparts, they’re more expensive to buy, cost more to run (because they’re taller and heavier) and remaining on that second point, they’re also worse to drive. Furthermore, you’re only elevated by a matter of millimetres, so you don’t ‘benefit’ from looking down your nose at anybody, and the idea that they’re safer is ludicrous. Rant over - and in any case, I’m wrong, because everybody has or is buying one.