This latest turnaround plan for Maserati is certainly not lacking in ambition, to say the least. 

Multi-billion-euro investment in facilities and all-new models, including electric cars, would be a big ask for even the world’s largest car makers, let alone one that didn’t even sell 40,000 cars last year. So, is this one to file into ‘we’ll believe it when we see it’ or one to heartily congratulate and praise the logic of?

Maserati is trying to cover a hell of a lot of bases. It’s not simply launching a sports car, but one with petrol power, one with electric power and an open-top version of both. It’s also planning an additional SUV model when it hasn’t exactly set the world on fire with its first, the Levante.

All while its existing models are being replaced, gaining an expanded range of powertrain options, including plug-in hybrids, and being fitted with advanced autonomous technology. 

Does Maserati really need to cover off so much of the market? Or even if it hopes to do so in the long-term, does it really need to state such lofty ambitions when there’s not yet a hint of something tangible to back it up? We’re excited by the plans yet surprised at how little time Maserati has given itself to realise them. 

It’s worth remembering that in 2015, Alfa Romeo announced similarly ambitious plans for its own FCA-backed revival. Four years on, we’ve had just two cars from it...

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