So a little birdie who shall remain nameless told me three very interesting things about Jaguar the other day.

One, that there will be a four-wheel-drive version of the Jaguar F-type next year, which was subsequently confirmed by official sources just yesterday.

Two, that there will also be a manual gearbox version of the F-type available from early next year “because there are still a good 10 per cent of F-type drivers who would genuinely prefer to change gear by themselves".

Three, that Jaguar is kicking itself, albeit quite lightly, for not choosing to build more Project 7s. The Project 7 is a kind of speedster version of the F-type V8 convertible, as you know. Its build numbers were limited by Jaguar to just a few handfuls, at around £150k each.

But according to my source, Jaguar has had so many requests from proper, money wielding customers to build more, they reckon they might even have been able to shift a couple of thousand Project 7s, all at an extremely tidy profit given that it is, at its core, not a lot more than a cosmetically enhanced V8 convertible.

The ideas of the 4WD and manual versions of the F-type are both entirely logical, of course. The market wants them, so the market is going to get them, simple as.