Man likes incredibly luxurious car shocker. I know. But two things.

One, it wasn’t a given that Rolls-Royce would get its first electric car as right as it has done. And two, the new Kia Picanto isn’t available yet, otherwise I might have nominated that.

But to the Spectre. It does all of the things that a Rolls does properly, which are things we’ve spent 20 years since BMW relaunched the brand being happily impressed by, only now with electric power.

And electric power suits this car. It’s like the V12 of other Rollers has spent the past 20 years trying to be like the motors: completely hushed and incredibly smooth, with a relaxed step-off from rest and no discernible gearchanges.

The only major motive difference, in fact, is that the more dynamic internally combusted Rolls coupés allow a bit of engine sound to enter the cabin if you’re accelerating hard. This one can make some fake sounds, but it’s not quite the same.

Rolls-Royce Spectre cornering – rear

It cruises serenely, albeit with a bit more float on straight roads, I think, than the best of the ICE coupés.

Rolling comfort is excellent and it likes being driven quickly way more than I expected.

There’s a (very) big battery to give it an extensive range. Enough for the Cotswolds to Glyndebourne and back in one hit.

Not that owners would be likely to suffer charger anxiety if it had a shorter range – they would just drive something else. The only owner I know who has received a Spectre has also just had an Aston Martin Valkyrie delivered. So, y’know, owners have options.