I only ask the question because the other day I drove several hundred miles to look in the back garden of a very nice chap who had an astounding amount of automotive bits and bobs, and not just in his garage but outside too.

He is perfectly normal in most respects, with a proper job and a wife who admits that she switches off when the topic of cars comes up.

I also suspect that she has reined in his hobby a bit by insisting that at least part of the garden is less of a car park. Indeed, right outside the back door was a proper mid ‘60s Lambretta he restored a few years back. 

Yes, he’s got a good dozen restorations to his credit over the years, but it was the hulk in the back garden I’d really come to see. Now, I can’t reveal just now as to why this vehicle is so important, so I’ll just tease you with an interior picture. And what an interior it is. Choc full of bits for scooters, and motors and all sorts.

The engine wasn’t even under the bonnet, but swinging on a hoist that we had to move out of the way to get inside.

I wondered why this valuable old thing wasn’t in the garage. I discovered the reason was that the garage door was something of a challenge to open. Partly because it was broken, but mostly because it was absolutely stuffed with parts. Oh and a car.

This mystery saloon had a Lotus twin cam engine and the last time I looked at a restored one it was going for something north of £50K. This model cost him £1800 at a stolen/recovered police auction just a few years back, when he was the only bidder to realise what it actually was.

The good news is that both the cars really will get restored despite appearances. Meanwhile, I’ve been dealing with my own hoarding problem, as I’ll be swapping four 12-inch Mini wheels for just the one 10-inch. It sounds unfair, but I’m happy to free up a bit of space.

So, have you got anything interesting in your garage, apart from a lawnmower and boxes of stuff that you haven’t unpacked from your last move? Or does your next-door neighbour have something interesting under the tarpaulin?