If I’m looking for just one area for the 992 to progress, it is in the ease of access to the still unique 911 driving experience. 

The current car has an abundance of 911 spirit because it still has those three attributes that have always made the 911 unique among its peers: the shortest wheelbase in the class, a flat six engine and its location behind the rear wheels. The problem it is that it’s so focused on providing the ride and refinement owners now demand that you have to push quite hard to find the magic – and in a 911 that means going fast. 

More power, more tech for ‘most advanced’ 911 yet

So I want the new car to feel even more alive at lower effort levels, the way 911s used to. This won’t be easy because it’s hard to augment feel and a sense of agility without degrading comfort by a degree or three, and Porsche won’t rate that a sacrifice worth making. Indeed, for all those who want a 911 in the traditional sense, there are many more who don’t want a traditional 911 experience at all, merely the ability to project the image of being a 911 driver to family, friends and colleagues.

Then again, Porsche engineers are wizards, and if the new car is lighter and stiffer than the one it replaces, I’m confident Porsche can produce a new 911 that’s just as easy to live with but even better to drive, no matter how hard you’re trying.

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