It would be hard indeed to find two more disparate interpretations of the sports car art anywhere in the world, let alone being unveiled under the same roof on the same day by the same company but that, whether by accident or design is precisely what Volkswagen subsiduaries Porsche and Bugatti have achieved.

In the one corner sits the new 911 R which, put another way, is Porsche sending a message in letters ten feet tall that it is more committed then ever to the lightweight, simple, driver focused machines upon which it was made. In the other there is the Bugatti Chiron billed by its creators as "the most powerful, fastest, most luxurious and most exclusive production super sports car in the world".

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As you may have read it has 1479bhp or, put another way, precisely three times the power of the 911. It has a paddle shift gearbox, four-wheel drive, 16 cylinders, four turbos and weighs a couple of bags of sugar less than two tonnes.

Final details of the 911 R are not available as I write but I think it safe to say there are cars out there you could strap to its roof and, together, not reach the weight of the Chiron. It will cost less than one tenth of the money, have ten fewer cylinders, four fewer turbos (ie none), two fewer drive shafts but, crucially, one more pedal in the driver’s footwell.