Last summer I got a tip-off from a friend in the F1 paddock, Dieter Rencken, that something was brewing between Aston Martin, Red Bull and Mercedes - and the outcome of the discussions could be both an Adrian Newey-designed hypercar and the Red Bull F1 team switching to Mercedes engines.

It was the afternoon after qualifying for the British Grand Prix and I was out with my kids. That afternoon I wasn’t a very good dad as I tried to ring every source I could to verify the truth of two massive stories.

It was a difficult process, but the discussions over Red Bull securing a Mercedes engine supply - and with it Aston Martin sponsorship - were the first to stack up. That night we put the story on, and both the F1 and wider world heaped derision on my shoulders as a fantasist - or, worse still to my mind, someone planting clickbait to promote their website. 

What was noticeable, though, was the angry folk that rang me and told me I was wrong in the immediate aftermath started to dial back their denials within hours, while the straight-talking folk refused to deny the possibility of the deal. In the subsequent days, I wrote a blog partly explaining the deal in more detail and partly trying to convince myself the story made sense - not that it appeared to appease the doubters.