It’s been hard to keep track of the amount of false starts, false promises and ultimately meaningless Powerpoint presentations that Alfa Romeo has come up with in recent years about how it will transform itself into a credible car maker again.

Today, though, we at last have something tangible. A 503bhp Ferrari-powered V6 sports saloon, no less. Lovely.

At a launch event at Alfa’s historic Arese headquarters, the new Giulia was of course the star. Before the covers came off it though, Alfa boss Harald Wester gave a quite remarkable speech that was headline making in its own right where he branded the premium car makers of today as “boring”.

“Passion and identity used to be important to brands”, said Wester. “But we have now become accustomed to brands and they are very similar. They all look the same – they’re the same size, have the same power, the same features – but they’re interchangeable and repeatable.