It’s all too easy to get overexcited about a new car at its launch, only to then be underwhelmed by how it drives later on. But Hyundai’s new i30N hot hatch is different, because it has a tantalising list of ingredients that suggest its maker isn’t just blowing hot air.

Hyundai i30 N revealed at Frankfurt Motor Show

The mastermind behind Hyundai’s high-performance project, Albert Biermann, is a former BMW M division engineering boss as well, so when he says the car will be able to handle hard track driving lap after lap, I’m inclined to believe him.

First drive: Hyundai i30N prototype

“There are too many cars out there with tyres and brakes that go [off] too fast [on circuit],” he said, “but we really wanted to make a car that can be consistent.”

Biermann explained that his team used the i30N’s lengthy testing stints at the Nürburgring, which included competing in the recent 24-hour race there, to boost its durability. This trackside development helped to improve the car’s clutch and shift operation, as well as brake cooling.

“There was also a big lesson with the shock absorbers,” he added. “One of our [racing] drivers complained that the car felt softer at the end of the race. So we are analysing to see why there was a drop in hydraulic force and are working right now to improve it.”