I am intrigued by the gossip doing the F1 rounds this week to the effect that Renault might be thinking about dispensing with the services of Vitaly Petrov and instead making a bid for Kimi Raikkonen in 2011.

Apart from the fact that I’m sure Robert Kubica would have more than a little to say about that, assuming of course that the Pole stays put, there will, I’m sure, be many others within the Renault ranks who feel that Kimi is a time-expired luxury who would not be worth the money.

Of course, money speaks loudest in F1 and, if we look at this issue from the other end of the telescope, if Kimi could be persuaded to return to F1 for comparative peanuts, then the whole proposition takes on a slightly different complexion.

If the price was right, Renault would be faced with the prospect of signing one of the very fastest F1 drivers in recent history, but one whose temperament over his last two years at Ferrari seemed to be wobbling precariously.

The biggest trouble with Kimi was, as one McLaren insider once told me, you could arrive at the track on a Friday morning at ten o’clock and by ten thirty you would know whether the Finn’s weekend was set to be brilliant or an utter and complete waste of time.