The rumour that Michael Schumacher would return to Formula One next season was initially dismissed as beyond belief - yet here we are a few months later with the deal done, and the seven-time champion making a remarkable return at the age of 41.

During the past few months we've covered the return story pretty closely, and the view on our forums has been pretty positive towards the German. It seemed that everyone was excited by the possibility of his return, whether they liked him during his previous stint in the sport or not. I know I am, and I write as someone who fervently followed Damon Hill during the pair's (somewhat uneven) showdowns over the years

Schuey: 'I'm back to win'

Yet today, when I posted the story of Schuey's return being confirmed, it didn't take long for the mood in the forums to swing a bit. Maybe I'm reading it wrong, but the warmth and excitement that the rumours of Schuey's return had generated seems to have been replaced with a touch of negativity.

What do you think? Has the mood swung now rumour has become reality? Is this the British mindset of knocking success at work? What's more, is Schuey's return exciting? Is it good for F1? Or should we brace ourselves for the return of the kind of win-at-all-costs-racing that clouds his reputation to this day?