Does anyone else share my nagging doubt that, despite all appearances to the contrary, the F1 spat may not yet have run its course? I say this only because, after many years watching Max Mosley in action, he strikes me as the last person who’s going to allow himself to be rolled over and booted out of office by a bunch of car manufacturers.

I am not even sure he will go this autumn, for it would not be the first time he’d failed to go when he said he would. To quote him directly "As long as the teams behave themselves I will be gone. A deal is a deal and if it is not stuck to you sometimes have to reconsider things. However, I have absolute confidence that this resolution will be stuck to." That statement strikes me as having more than a little wriggle room engineered into it. But even if he does go, surely it will not be without at least one last laugh.

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