One thing that doesn’t come up in testing, practice and extensive preparation for a race weekend is what to do when you end up facing the wrong way on the track on the exit of the first corner, cars flying at you head on.

This is not fun. You brace yourself and shout weird things inside your helmet. ‘Soorbaaat’, which I think translates to ‘sorry about that’, was my first attempt at an apology for causing the mayhem. It reverberated around the helmet of the driver of car number 21 (a certain M. Tisshaw) in the Radical SR1 Cup round one, race one, corner one, and indeed career race number one at Silverstone on Saturday.

Then as the spin takes on a mind of its own and the car fires backwards towards the Copse gravel trap and ultimately the barrier, words much ruder break out, and you wonder if any of the cars who darted left will collect you. One did.

The race weekend action of Autocar's SR1 Cup debut had started long before then, though. Qualifying was the first eye-opening experience of the day. Despite appearances, it’s not as simple as putting in as fast a lap as you possibly can.

It’s a mini race in its own right. The jostling begins in the assembly area where you try to get at the front to have a clear track in front of you.