If you’ve already scrolled through the pictures that go with this blog, you’ll know there's a happy ending.

My first bit of ‘light’ competition in the Radical SR1 Cup car ended up with me taking home not one but two trophies. Go me, or something - but more on that later.

Bedford Autodrome was the location for the second day of my racing 'career' (I haven't handed in my notice at Autocar just yet…). To recap, I’ve been invited to do a season in the guest car in the SR1 Cup, an entry-level, low-cost, one-make race series for novices that’s a stepping stone onto the Radical motorsport racing ladder.

After a test session at Snetterton a couple of weeks ago, it was off to Bedford for what’s called a ‘How Fast’ session. This is an hour of free practice on Bedford’s West Circuit, followed by three laps against the clock in a shootout to see who’s fastest when a bit of pressure is applied.

I've never been to Bedford before. The site encompasses four circuits and is used solely as a test venue and for track days. That means there’s no need for it to meet race regulations, so in turn there are no trackside barriers or gravel run-off areas. That means you can really push the car up to and beyond its limits if you so choose, and the worst that can happen is that you'll end up in a field with a bit of damaged pride.