Jackie Stewart admitted last week that he once passed up the chance of having a portrait done by Andy Warhol, but was forced to admit that he hadn’t sufficient time in his business schedule back in 1972 to spend the several weeks sitting as near perfectly still as possible while the great man completed his work.

Jackie, who has now scaled such personal career peaks that time is now more difficult to find than money, remarked of his failure to hook up with Warhol was "a big mistake. It would probably be worth millions now." 

However, if ever the world is taken over by alien beings, they will have no doubt establishing what Sir Jackie did for his day job when they take a close look at his fine image which is being unveiled today by the Queen at the National Portrait gallery of Scotland. 

The main image for the portrait has been painted by English artist Theo Platt while renowned motor racing artist Michael Turner has added his high octane touch by painting a selection of cars around 73-year old Sir Jackie, including the Ecure Ecosse Cooper-Monaco, an F1 Tyrrell, F1 BRM and F1 Matra, all of which played a vital role as he battled to three world championships in 1969, 71 and 73.