Riding shotgun with Kris Meeke in his Citroën DS3 WRC machine through a full-on forest stage in France is, without a doubt, one of the most astonishing experiences I've had on four wheels in a very long time indeed.

The only other time I’ve sat next to anyone else in similar circumstances was when the late, great Colin McRae drove me through a Cumbrian forest in his (then front-line) Ford Focus WRC.

And I remember thinking at the time that surely no-one, anywhere, could ever match that. McRae’s combination of commitment, confidence, skill and hand/eye coordination left me gasping in disbelief for many years afterwards.

But I think Meeke is every bit as good, albeit in a subtly different way. He’s a bit more violent with his inputs at the controls, especially the gearbox. As a result the whole business of being a passenger beside him felt that much closer to the edge. I was terrified by both of them, to be honest, but disaster felt that much closer when I was sitting next to Meeke somehow.