Wild. Reckless. Dangerous. Crazy. Undeserving of a seat in F1. All of these are words and phrases that were used to describe Romain Grosjean’s performance in Formula One last year. 

And for a while things went from bad to a whole lot worse, culminating in a genuinely scary accident at Spa that very nearly did for Fernando Alonso.

But this year, looking forwards to the coming GP at Spa, there are all sorts of new ways to describe the driving of Romain Grosjean. Words like brilliant, talented, fast, skilful and audacious.

And yet… the stewards at the last race in Hungary, alongside some but not all of Sky’s TV commentators, were all over the young Frenchman like a cheap suit the moment he got feisty behind the wheel, which is surely what we, the audience, ultimately tune in to see?