If you ever visit the Spa race circuit it's almost impossible not to become entranced by the "Eau Rouge" corner.

Well, I say Eau Rouge, but technically I suppose it's the Eau Rouge and Raidillon combination. According to the Belgians, Eau Rouge is the left-handed kink at the bottom of the hill, leading into Raidillon - the uphill right hander and onwards. 

Truth be told, it’s one of the most spectacular sections of track that I’ve ever seen. Its sharp gradient and turns causes many cars to bottom out, sending out showers of glowing steel, titanium and alloy. Either that, or the wheels tuck up so hard in the arches that they rub, billowing grey smoke for a fraction of a second as the cars arc through the bend.

Eau Rouge isn't a corner that's taken slowly either, as cars come barrelling down the main straight in to it and try to maintain as much speed as possible, because after that complex there's a long straight, and they need a good run at it to set a good time. 

It’s not a corner that’s prone to processions, either. Bolder competitors regularly vie for position, brakes glowing and exhausts flaring, or seize the opportunity to slingshot past slower cars through the bend.

As darkness falls it becomes even more vivid and intense, as the lack of trackside illumination makes the sparks, flames and cherry-red disc brakes even more prevalent. The sheer speed and elevation changes involved, combined with the car's curious marker light arrangements and primary lighting, makes the whole scene even more impressive.

The racing doesn't slacken at night either, with frequent flashes of the headlights apparent as competitors make a polite "Excuse me" gesture in a bid to pass slower drivers.

I'd never seen anything like it, and I still cannot imagine what it must feel like to come flying towards Eau Rouge at racing speed, let alone the sensation of flying through that entire complex - and ascending roughly eight stories in mere seconds - flat out.

So, is Eau Rouge one of the most spectacular corners in motorsport, or have you seen one which is even more tumultuous?