Today, Friday, June 21, 2013, promises to be a pivotal one for motorsport. On the plus side, Nissan’s innovative, eye-catching and downright inspiring Zero Emissions On Demand (ZEOD) racer has just been unveiled.

It’s a typically ballsy project from Nissan, which is developing a neat touch for thinking faster and more flexibly than its rivals. Here is proof that daring to be different can pay dividends; I doubt any manufacturer involved in Le Mans this weekend bar the outright winner will garner more headlines than the Nissan ZEOD.

Better still, Nissan is using the project to throw the spotlight on its hybrid and electric technology. I’ve never really bought the guff about motorsport improving road cars (in my experience the technology usually flows the other way), but there’s no question that Nissan is expertly using motorsport to spread its message of leadership in alternative powertrain technology.