I think everybody who works, or is involved in Formula 1, has a healthy respect for Bernie Ecclestone.

Podium Or they certainly should do if they’ve been around the block a couple of times.

But I have to say my eyes rose more than usual at the commercial rights holder’s latest pronouncement – that he wants to swap world championship points for gold, silver and bronze medals as a means of determining the world championship.

"The FIA and all the teams are behind it and it will be done," Ecclestone told The Times newspaper. "Everybody understands gold medals and silver and bronze. Nearly all sports are done that way. The whole point will be, when they get to Melbourne for the first race, the guys will want to leave there with a gold medal. They don't want to leave with ten, eight or six points."

Nearly all sports? Golf? Tennis? Football? Rugby?  I don’t think so, Bernie.  But I can see the point he’s getting at, namely the fact that there should be a ‘premium benefit,’ if you like, for those who actually end up winning the individual races.  And that should be significantly more than the current measly two point differential between finishing in first and second place.