It’s traditional at this time of year to look for overarching themes.

Progress is always a given; car people can’t function without charging forward. The fascination is in seeing which directions they take, and this year I see twin themes: big progress with electric cars, and management renewal at the top of several companies that really, really needed it.

Current developments

Forecasts that electric cars would start playing a proper role in our overall car mix are starting to come true.

There were five electric models on sale here in 2013. Now it’s 11. Renault has already sold 2000 battery cars in the UK and has prospects of more and better.

The BMW i3 is now viewed by many UK buyers as the most desirable Beemer of all, and the i8 has proven even to sceptics that it’s as nice to drive as the rest of the firm's sophisticated crop.

Top table moves

Management crises at Lotus and Aston Martin have been solved – Hethel’s by the arrival of former PSA Peugeot-Citroën chief Jean-Marc Gales (who has an entirely credible model/production plan in place) and Aston’s by the appointment of ex-Nissan chief Andy Palmer as CEO, who within days revealed the new look of Aston in an all-new Bond car. 


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