Just the other day, I noticed that there were too many cars parked on my drive, so I thought I’d better do something about it. Yes, I went to my local ‘We Buy Any Banger.com’ emporium – you know the one I’m referring to – and sold a surplus car.

You may think I’m mad, stupid or misguided for doing this, but I needed to sample the ‘We Buy Any Shed.com’ experience. At my first attempt, nearly four years ago, I broke down several miles from the compound. I ended up driving the Jag I was trying to sell to a specialist breaker's yard, where they paid me cash and rang me half an hour later to ask why it wasn’t working anymore. Well, that was their problem.

I’ve sold cars direct before but that was in the pre-internet days, when you rang a number and spoke to a bloke who ummed and ahhed and would then turn up at your place with a flatbed. Actually, that’s what I did last year with my Land Rover Discovery which pretty much committed suicide. I eventually got a strangely large amount of cash from two quite scary gentlemen who wanted to have an argument, but eventually caved in after driving all the way from Essex.