Last week's rev-happy Honda Integra DC2 Type R drew much praise from the vast majority of you, thanks to its charismatic engine, robust engineering and outstanding dynamic capabilities.

Admittedly the Integra's ride and refinement could become a chore on longer trips though, and it's not exactly the most practical of cars.

If you were instead looking for something inexpensive, spacious and rapid in which to cover vast tracts of motorway in single bounds, then maybe this 1997 Jaguar XJR could be right up your street.

Jaguar's XJ was launched in 1994 and proved itself a cosseting saloon in standard form, with a quiet, comfortable cabin and a pliant ride. Its naturally aspirated straight six - although durable and smooth - lacked the outright punch that myriad V8-engined or high-performance alternatives offered, however.

In an effort to to match its European rivals, Jaguar pulled out the stops and neatly integrated an Eaton M90 supercharger into the straight six's intake system. An air-to-water intercooler was added to help keep intake temperatures down and detonation at bay, while other tweaks like stiffer suspension helped make the range-topping XJR a little sharper.