The majority of you were sold on the £5850 BMW E34 M5 we featured last week, seeing it as a chance to get a potent and hand-built saloon for relatively little outlay.

Many were still concerned about the realities of running such a car however, with its M-badged parts commanding gold-plated prices - and any serious issues requiring a potentially costly and eye-watering teardown.

This week we're featuring something that many of you may regard as more of a known quantity, one that's renowned for reliability and - more importantly - being one of the best-handling front-wheel-drive cars ever made.

Yes, it's the car that'll have you wanting VTEC to kick in, yo - the fabled DC2 generation of the Honda Integra Type R.

Launched into the Japanese market in 1995, the Integra Type R was more than just a gentle reworking of the existing Integra. It got more spot welds and thicker metal in its bodyshell, and weight reduction in the form of lighter wheels, a thinner windscreen and less sound deadening material.

Honda didn't stop there. The Type R's 1.8-litre 'B18C' engine got high-compression pistons, hand-finished intake ports and a tweaked Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control - VTEC - system. The result, for UK models, was 187bhp and 131lb ft - and a spine-tingling red line of 8700rpm.