A month ago one of the family fleet, a 1992 Renault Alpine GTA V6 Turbo, developed a misfire that was so significant that it became practically undriveable.

I'd tracked the fault to the ignition side of things so, instead of messing around, I decided to replace virtually the whole system. All of the existing parts were of an unknown quantity and, although some initial diagnosis suggested the coil and control module to be the root of the issue, I didn't want to end up chasing problems through a series of old components.

The Renault's ignition system isn't overly powerful either, and lighting off those highly pressurised combustion chambers requires a reliable and strong spark, so it was worth spending the money to make it all perfect.

A new ignition coil and control module were first on my shopping list, but searching around revealed that a replacement item for our particular GTA would cost £184. That seemed a lot, especially considering that the coil didn't look overly special.

Some Alpine specialists gave me some suggestions as to where to find cheaper ones but, even after trawling the web and forums for a few hours, I was still none the wiser. Mainstream suppliers predictably didn't have anything to offer, while a few alternatives looked like they'd end up doing nothing but being sent back.