Don't let anyone at Mercedes tell you the frankly brilliant GT Vision concept will only ever move and come to life virtually in the Gran Turismo video game on the Playstation.

For at the Los Angles motor show today, it exists as a full size model, and one that moves as well.

The spec of the real life model is different to how it appears on Gran Turismo though; at its big LA unveiling, it was moved forwards and backwards onto the show stage by a man with a radio controlled car controller, making it surely the world's most expensive and desirable radio controlled car. Very Back to the Future. 

Don't expect an eight page road test from the chap controlling it, but there are a few touches that will come to life again that we'll be able to experience away from the concept on next year's SLS-replacing GT AMG sports car, including some interior detailing and perhaps the spec of the engine in a range topping Black Series version.

The radio-controlled Vision GT might only be one wheel drive on the show stand, but it has a presence and wow factor that nothing at the LA motor show can get near.