Oh my. The Grand Tour - formerly Top Gear - has officially confirmed it will begin screening from November 18.

The Grand Tour episode one - a strong, albeit familiar, start

Accompanying this announcement is a 30-second teaser, part highlights, part scene setter and tension builder. And while you’d rather hope Messrs Clarkson, Hammond and May plus team had managed to rustle together 30 seconds of decent coverage in the past 12 months or so, it looks absolutely sensational.


Yes, it’s as plain as plain can be that nobody has tried to reinvent the wheel - Clarkson shouts, Hammond looks excited, May looks wryly amused, there are flames, slow motion shots of wheels spinning and big cinematic shots of supercars and hypercars.

But there’s also drama, excitement and a lavish quality to it that screams ‘we know what we’re doing, and we’re going to do it bigger and better than ever before’. It’s quite an achievement to make that statement in 30 seconds, but watch it and judge for yourselves.

Personally - and I feel oddly compelled to apologise before I write this, because it's not fashionable to admit to liking these things - I cannot wait.