Every Guinness World Record needs a good set of numbers behind it. Land Rover claimed one last night, having built the world's largest Lego structure, a replica of Tower Bridge, as a backdrop to the reveal of the new Discovery.

In total, 5,805,846 bricks were used to build it. That build took five and a half months, and if laid out flat they would run all the way from London to Paris. Which is convenient, as the Discovery heads off to the Paris motor show tomorrow.

That's the numbers, then, but we're not done there. This reveal had Bear Grylls abseiling out of a helicopter to put the final Lego piece in the Tower Bridge structure, followed by Sir Ben Ainslie driving a Discovery through a rather deep stream towing a replica of his Americas Cup boat - made of Lego.

Which all sounds rather ridiculous when you read about it. But to witness it was all rather impressive, and such events are less designed for the motoring world than they are the celebrity one.