Wraps will be pulled off the updated Volkswagen e-Golf later this week in LA, with the promise of a greater range and better performance thanks to an uprated battery.

However, this improved performance won’t be matched by a new look, because the refreshed Golf EV will, as confirmed by a glimpse at the Paris motor show, look largely unchanged from the current car. This is good news for polite Brits. Let me explain why.

Buying an EV is increasingly becoming a decision based as much on design as on environmental, economic or social reasons. Models like the BMW i3, while undoubtedly cool looking, just don’t blend in. Even the Renault Zoe flaunts its tree-hugging personality with a cuddly design and the Nissan Leaf looks quite different from the rest of its maker's range. Imagine pulling onto your driveway in one of those: the curtains of neighbouring houses would be twitching like mad.