Real-world range is a claimed 124 miles; extended mileage comes thanks to a new lithium ion battery
31 May 2016

The facelifted Volkswagen e-Golf is set to receive an upgraded electric drivetrain when it's unveiled later this year. It will have an official range of up to 186 miles, which is 68 miles more than the current e-Golf (pictured above).

VW's head of electrical development, Volkmar Tanneberger, says that official figure translates to a real-world range of up to 124 miles.

Key among the planned changes is the adoption of a new 36 amp-hour (Ah) lithium ion battery, replacing the existing 24Ah unit. The updated cell technology is claimed to provide a significant improvement in energy efficiency; the battery's capacity will increase from 24.2kWh to 35.8kWh, an improvement of more than 48%.

An upgraded electric motor will also provide an additional 21bhp, giving the new e-Golf a total of 134bhp.

Volkswagen sales decrease by 2% in first four months of 2016

Despite a 20kg increase in kerb weight, the new e-Golf is claimed to hit 62mph in 9.3sec - 1.1sec quicker than the existing model. Top speed will also increase, from a limited 87mph to 93mph.

VW's e-Golf Touch concept car, which was unveiled in January, previewed a new version of its Active Info digital instrument panel, as well as a 9.2in infotainment screen with gesture control.

The facelifted e-Golf is due to appear alongside the rest of the facelifted Golf line-up in October this year. UK sales should begin in early 2017.

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Volkswagen e-Golf

Volkswagen e-Golf is typically understated and classy in a world of original and unique looking electric vehicles

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31 May 2016
And all for increase of just 20kg. Carry on like this and by 2020 one of the most popular models in Europe will have a Battery power option with a real world range of 200+ miles. Any 2 car owning family/partnership etc that can afford a new car would be mad not to have one an EV and use it as number 1 car.


Hydrogen cars just went POP

31 May 2016
Yeah this seems like a big step forward. But it would be interesting to see what distance normal driving actually delivers. Even if it was 150 miles per charge that's really not bad. The real elephant in the room is how long before the chancellor gets involved, and you have a special meter that monitors the charging. The shortfall in petrol tax has to be made up somehow. Does anyone know how much it is per mile if the 75% tax of petrol cost is added to the electric?

31 May 2016
Not even google can tell whether it's your Telsa or Toaster that's plug'ed in. But I see your point and I've said the same, only road charging will work or checking your EV mileage every year and presenting you with a bill. Either way it's a long way off so enjoy 2p a mile for now.


Hydrogen cars just went POP

30 June 2016
xxxx wrote:

Not even google can tell whether it's your Telsa or Toaster that's plug'ed in. But I see your point and I've said the same, only road charging will work or checking your EV mileage every year and presenting you with a bill. Either way it's a long way off so enjoy 2p a mile for now.

Depends on how powerful your charger is, and how you use it. The high end home chargers pull over 20KW. A normal residential home won't pull 20+ KW in one go. Neither will it use sustained amounts of high power for extended periods. Even if you have a low end 3KW charger, sort of similar to an oven, who pulls that amount power for 6-8 hours a night? They will guess quite easily that you have an electric car plugged in.

31 May 2016
Title /\
II they get about 150miles?
I love puddles

31 May 2016
Today's headline from Bloomberg:
Volkswagen Emissions Cheating Hits Profit at Biggest Brand

"Profit at Volkswagen AG’s namesake brand tumbled 86 percent in the first quarter, highlighting the challenge the carmaker faces in emerging from the nearly nine-month-old emissions cheating scandal.
Operating profit at the VW nameplate dropped to 73 million euros ($81 million) from 514 million euros last year, Europe’s biggest carmaker said in a statement. That gave the marque an operating margin of 0.3 percent, far short of a mid-term goal of 6 percent.
“The result at the VW brand showed yet again that earnings there are fr too low,” said Sascha Gommel, a Frankfurt-based analyst with Commerzbank AG. “They need to safeguard pricing going forward as costs at the VW brand are relatively high.”

31 May 2016
Is there any connection to taxing EV and home smart meters. Or is that getting in to conspiracy theory. They gave me a £1k EV charger a couple of years ago for free I don't even have an EV. They can monitor that remotely which is why it was free and was part of the deal. They wanted to test for usage, I originally assumed for infrastructure pressures but maybe not. I have solar panels so are the government going to start taxing the sun it will be air next!

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