How’s this for a thankless task? A standard road car charged with chasing down one capable of 1000mph.

But that’s what the Bloodhound Jaguar F-Type has been charged with. As the ‘rapid response’ unit, it will travel with the Bloodhound team to South Africa and, if they are successful in their objectives, it will be first on the scene with support crew on board to congratulate Andy Green first on smashing his own land speed record and then becoming the first person to travel across the surface of the planet at more than 1000mph.

I’d hoped I’d be able to use its 542bhp 5.0-litre V8 to resurface the Goodwood Hill in molten rubber, but Andy was good enough to point out that this particular F-Type had four-wheel drive and that there was no point fitting it with launch control, because there are no normal conditions in which from rest it cannot use all of its power, all of the time.

So then I planned to go gently, not least because I had a passenger, but having thundered up to the first corner, turned in reapplied the power and felt the back drift gently wide, I became rather more enthused and drove to the top somewhat rapidly, or at least as rapidly as was possible without taking the smallest risk.