Most of us have a regular GP, and soon your car will be able to have one too if it’s a Volvo.

The person in question won’t be an actual doctor of course, but they will be a real person, and they’ll deal with your particular car every time it’s serviced or repaired. Not only that, explains Volvo’s marketing boss Alain Visser, but they will also be able to provide advice on using your car and getting the best from it. So though the XC90’s big screen infotainment system is clearer than many, being able to call somebody that you’ve spoken to before to understand how to synch your mate’s phone with your car could prove quite handy.

I could also imagine it being useful during a moment I had a couple of years back, when I got a V60 plug-in hybrid stuck in a snowy ditch in northern Sweden. A call to my car’s concierge would have revealed how to get its diesel-electric all-wheel drivetrain to deliver maximum ditch-extraction grunt without the electric motor’s overload cut-out intervening.