Words. VW had plenty of them at its leaner, new-look preview event on the eve of the Geneva motor show.

These weren't the words we're used to hearing though. Unlike on the recent US motor show circuit, “sorry” and versions of it were off the menu in regards to the emissions scandal, as instead VW looked into the future, or rather nine years into the future and the roads of 2025.

You can read all about VW's plans here, but the short of it is VW wants to make some knockout software and services to go with its hardware, and have them designed in and integrated into its cars for their entire development.

Or to become a true 'mobility' company as is the industry's current favourite buzzword. I'm still waiting for a car maker to satisfactorily describe what mobility actually means...

With this plan came all these words; a lot of them seemingly without actually saying anything. The presentation seemed to entail showing a load of futuristic pics - including a driverless Audi mobility pod - and an enthusiastic chap to evangelise over them, and all of a sudden VW has solved inner-city traffic problems, saved over a million lives a year and given us many thousands of hours of our lives back by not having to drive anywhere.