9am on a cloudy Saturday morning in Paris. Just three hours to get to Le Mans.

It’s a 120 mile journey, with a 2.5 hour drive time on a good day – and the Saturday of Le Mans weekend is not a good day to be travelling to the Circuit de la Sarthe. The 250,000 expected visitors to the 90th anniversary of Le Mans are likely to all arrive together. And Google Maps offers one word. Gridlock.

No chance of making up time en route, either, because the gendarmes are well aware of what’s going on. Twitter reveals many stories of over-zealous Brits getting pulled over.

Still, it's not all bad. I'm driving a Caterham Seven SV - powered by a 300bhp supercharged Ford Duratec engine - to the track. I’m keen to try the Seven, having driven a competitor product - a Westfield Megablade - at track days for the past year.  

I’m driving the 40th anniversary version of the Seven – which comes with bespoke decals, additional interior leather and a chrome badge showing which model out of the 40 made it is. This is number one.

Like the Westfield, power from the Caterham is immediate and surprising. Unlike the Westfield, though, the ride is well adapted to the road.