We are often accused of being biased towards the British car brands at Autocar, and every time we are it makes me chuckle.

I can honestly say that, hand on heart, I have never consciously shown any bias whatsoever towards a car because it’s British. And the first person to point out that Jaguar is, in fact, owned by an Indian company and is therefore technically not British can pat themselves on the back for being a jolly clever chap, and then go and face the wall in the corner with their hands behind their back for the next hour and a half.

But the fact that some commentators have reacted negatively towards Jaguar’s recent results in the entirely independent JD Power survey – Jag was voted first for both customer and dealer satisfaction, to which some people on this site have cried 'cheat, foul play' or strangest of all 'who cares, they are still a lost cause' – makes me wonder whether the bias isn’t ours but, in fact, theirs. 

As a neutral observer who merely enjoys driving and writing about cars, I can’t help but feel pleased for Jaguar in light of the JD Power results. Not that long ago Jaguar was in a dark place, and the writing on the wall did not read well.

But in recent years it has turned things round. The range has expanded sensibly and, by and large, the cars have improved beyond all recognition. That’s basically fact, and me writing about it has absolutely nothing to do with bias.

Indeed, if we were biased towards Jaguar in any way, why would we have published the story in this week’s magazine, in which a Jaguar loses to a Mercedes in our main cover story?

So what I’d like to know is this: if you are one of the people who genuinely believes Jaguar to be a lost cause, or think that we’re biased towards Jaguar simply because we’ve reported the results of an independent survey in which Jaguar has done quite well, maybe you could try to explain, in response to this story, why you feel the way you do.

And that’s not a challenge by the way, but instead merely a polite request, in order that we can all understand a little bit more about one another. Agree to disagree and all that...