In this job you get to meet a lot of car company CEOs. If you love the business as I do it's always fascinating.

With a few notable exceptions though, these big cheeses behave and act with a certain uniformity. They don't all make sense mind you and I don't always agree with them. But the similarities are refreshing when you think about it. 

This week, though, I had my first chat with Tesla founder and CEO, Elon Musk, and he certainly doesn't fit the stereotype. Nor did the conversation.

We discussed alien life (he thinks it's possible), he wants to build a base on Mars and reckons flights there could be 10 years away, though not for him – "the CEO shouldn't be the test pilot" – and he wants to build a James Bond-style Lotus Esprit-looking amphibious vehicle. The original model used in The Spy Who Loved Me film currently resides in the Tesla design centre by the way.