"I wanted a GT86,” said somebody I know in fewer than 140 characters the other day, “but they’re just too expensive”.

I almost know what he meant. Toyota’s little rear-wheel-drive coupé – see also: the Subaru BRZ – was given a mild makeover last year. The tweaks raised its price by £2795, and another rise since then makes a GT86 cost at least £26,855 today. A base BRZ is a bit cheaper, but not by a lot. You can get one from £26,495. Or, as we otherwise know it, about six grand more than a Ford Fiesta ST.

Mechanically, the two coupés are the same and have hardly changed from before: some minor damping revisions, apparently, but they still have 197bhp engines. Which is barely worth getting out of bed for, right?

The thinking goes, then, that you can buy a hot hatchback with a lot more power, and a lot more space and comfort and equipment, for less than the price of a GT86/BRZ.