It’s now just over a year since Adrian Hallmark was appointed boss of Bentley, tasked with guiding this now 100-year-old car maker through the most uncertain of times in the industry. 

When we met him in the middle of 2018, he was particularly bullish on two things that would define the company’s next steps: there would be no Bentley sports car, thus axing the previous management’s flagship future project, and that an electrified revolution was coming to the firm, and fast. 

These latest revelations show that Bentley is preparing to think even more radically in terms of how its model range evolves, and that it understands the model range it offers now may not be relevant in the future. 

Bentley is facing new challenges and challengers, including the likes of Aston Martin’s electric Lagonda luxury brand, and understands that the status quo is likely to change. 

Adding better cadence to model launches is a good place for the company to start as a bridge to this radical new generation of cars, which we’ll get to hear the first details of at a centenary celebration event this summer.

What better way to celebrate the past than to look so vividly to the future?

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