Those of us who love TVR have been wondering for nine years how the revival we knew was coming would pan out. 

See the first pictures of TVR's new sports car

There are many ways the new model range could have been botched, by being given an incorrect persona, or half-killing it with insufficient backing or hopelessly high production targets - or both.

Things took a dramatic turn for the better when Les Edgar, John Chasey and their consortium partners bought the business two years ago, yet still we wondered about the car itself.

These were successful businessmen, inexperienced in car manufacture. They had no illusions about that, but they did know - some as TVR owners - what the car should be like in performance and in use, and they set about finding partners who could help them hit their well-chosen targets.

After planning and discussion, they chose two of the finest consultants in the UK, Gordon Murray Design and Cosworth, both experts at car creation and known for quality and reliable delivery.

As BMW will tell you, choice of key suppliers is vital to a new model’s future. The way we see it, TVR has ‘done a BMW’ and deserves to reap the benefit.

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