I'm definitely going to do this. Yep, 1000 miles on a single tank of diesel in a VW Golf BlueMotion.

That's because just one number in an army of numbers saying 'no' is saying 'maybe', after 11 hours and 19 minutes on the road today.

After 569.8 miles, the indicated range remaining shows 195 miles and the fuel gauge is showing just three eighths of a tank. These are bad. 

The good one comes from the fact we managed to fill up the tank with 27 litres of BP Ultimate diesel this morning when the tank was showing just above where it is now.

So if in a 50 litre tank we can get as far as we have on 27 litres and a bit, why not the remaining 430 miles on the remaining 23 litres and whatever is left in the fuel lines? See, I told you this wasn't necessarily scientific...